Hypertension – Why Our American Culture is Killing Us

A natural cure for hypertension (high blood pressure) is so much more desirable than relying on drugs. Natural cures are healthy, only have positive side effects, and do not use up valuable health assets and resources. Drug therapies on the other hand, are expensive and can be counter productive.  

Why then do most Americans with hypertension rely on drugs? Another question, why do so many doctors prescribe a drug therapy over a change in life style? According to Drugs.com there are 195 name brand drugs currently on the market that are used in part, or in combination, to treat hypertension and there are more in the pipeline. 

One hundred ninety five drugs for one ailment? Ask yourself why there would be that many drugs for a single condition when there are only a couple of dozen pain relievers, which are used much more often, available over the counter. Why would so many pharmaceutical companies invest in the research and testing for a drug that is already in a very crowded market? 

For starters, according to the American Heart Association there are nearly 73 million Americans over 20 that suffer from high blood pressure. That’s a lot of pill takers. However, pharmaceutical companies keep pumping out hypertension drugs because there is a huge profit to be made. Marketing becomes as important as the drug itself. 

And the benefits of drug therapy? Side effects may include dizziness, impotence, fainting, rash, hacking cough, depression, lethargy, liver damage and insomnia. God forbid you also suffer from diabetes because that increases the risk of almost any hypertension drug. 

Most professionals agree that the reason that Americans have a greater instance of hypertension than Europeans or Asians is stress and diet.  

Stress is part of the American culture and we idolize it. Stress in itself is not a bad thing. We tend to perform better if there is some pressure on us. However, doing nothing to relieve the stress is literally killing us. 

Americans don’t sleep. Half of Americans have difficulty sleeping and get less than 6 hours per night. Sleep is a natural way to relieve stress and half of us can’t do it. 

Americans don’t exercise. Two thirds are overweight and one third are obese. Despite our love affair with youth and good looks, our daily lives do not reflect emulating those values.  We apparently do not have the time nor the discipline to spend 20 minutes a day exercising, even if it’s just a brisk walk. 

Americans are killing themselves with their diet. Probably the biggest difference between The U.S. and the rest of the developed world is a diet so poor in the nutrients needed for a healthy body, much less control hypertension. Europeans and Asians eat much more fresh food rich in antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, and fiber than Americans do. Fish is a regular part of their diet as well. Not the frozen fried fish sticks that we feed our children but fresh fish. Fish oil has long been recognized for its’ important role in reducing blood pressure. 

So there you have it. Americans are stressed out, not getting any exercise and eating poorly. Not only that, we rely on doctors to treat our symptoms rather than make the effort to prevent a condition from occurring in the first place. The net result is that Hypertension the “Silent Killer” is present in one out of three adults, costs this country millions in health care and we are unlikely to change our ways as a nation. 

If you suffer from hypertension, you can reduce your risk simply by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle and you’ll save a fortune on drugs. The diet and exercise plans available will not only help you with your blood pressure, but you’ll feel better and you’ll look better. Do yourself a favor and do some research now. 

High Blood Pressure Remedy Report – The Cure For Hypertension

I was taking anti-hypertensive medications for a lot of years. I kept on asking my doctor for a different drug because I did not like having to live with the side effects of drugs. After years of drinking anti-hypertensive drugs, I read the High Blood Pressure Remedy Report.

During the first year that I had hypertension, the doctor prescribed diuretics. Upon starting me on diuretics, I also experienced dizziness and muscle cramps. The doctor told me not to worry since these are common side effects of the drugs. Unfortunately, after taking the diuretics for almost 12 months, I developed arrhythmia and my blood pressure would begin spiking every once in a while.

The arrhythmia and less controlled blood pressure caused my doctor to switch my treatment to ACE inhibitors. Later on, I also experienced coughing and dizziness due to the ACE inhibitors. And after a few more months, I also had severe vomiting, edema, and increased potassium levels. These side effects of ACE inhibitors really made me get more worried than before so I asked my doctor if there was any form of drug that has no side effect. Sadly, my doctor said that there is no anti-hypertensive drug that has no side effect.

When I found out about this disappointing fact regarding anti-hypertensive drugs, I turned to friends and the Internet in looking for the cure for hypertension. And while looking for information on the Internet, I found out about the eBook called High Blood Pressure Remedy Report. It really caught my attention because it is an eBook written by someone who actually had hypertension and was able to test one method after another until he found the cure.

Furthermore, to be sure of the reliability of the product, I looked for different user reviews to gauge if it is really effective. I was even more astonished to actually read so many user reviews which were all giving positive feedback about the quality and efficacy of the eBook.

After reading all the positive feedback from the user reviews, I bought High Blood Pressure Remedy Report. What I also really liked with the eBook is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which means that if the eBook happens to be ineffective in curing my hypertension, I can get my money back.

The eBook has 4 chapters and the most helpful of these chapters for me are from number two to four where different natural and effective treatment methods were discussed in detail. The basics of hypertension are discussed in chapter 1 and I found this less helpful since I have already made my research about hypertension ever since I was diagnosed to have it. The topics that were discussed in chapters 2 to 4 were Traditional Treatment Options, Natural Remedies and Alternative Medicines, and Prevention of High Blood Pressure.

After two weeks of reading the eBook and applying what I learned, I was already seeing great results. Imagine that, I stopped taking my anti-hypertensive medicines and started applying these natural methods which did not have any side effects. Truly, High Blood Pressure Remedy Report is what the author promised it to be. It is an efficacious cure for hypertension without spending thousands of money nor experiencing side effects.

Why You Should Not Use Drugs For High Blood Pressure

To date there are over 300 drugs getatable for the treatment of high blood pressure and studies have shown that they all bear about the same level of worth. It does not matter which one you use the outcome will be uniform. Doctors tend to pick their favorite drug depending on the number of side effects they will have to face. Once they get used to several drugs they can depend on, then that becomes their pallet.

Diuretics are considered the first line of defense against hypertension, a thiazide diuretic is the usual prescription. A thiazide diuretic can sling-shot you into diabetes, and diabetes can sling-shot you into high blood pressure. All you’ve done is make a loop.

Hypertensive drugs are notorious for creating side effects. Depending on which study you read, somewhere between 30% and 50% of those started on antihypertensive medications discontinue them. They may tell the doctor, they may not.

The figures are not precise but it has been estimated that 50% of those who know they have high blood pressure would rather have the high blood pressure than put up with drug side effects.

Once your blood pressure is suppressed by the medication it does not mean your problems are over. In a substantial number of cases, the pressure breaks through the medication after a while, then and the drug dose must be increased. Maybe you will need two drugs instead of one. And, maybe even three to keep control – all of course contributing their own special side effects.

The drugs are a trap because once they have altered your basic metabolism, as a drug will do if it is used continuously, you will find it extremely difficult to back out of them and try something else.

The two major alternatives are: weight loss and exercise. And, these do work 99% of the time if weight loss is achieved and the habit of exercise is anchored. For some this is easy, for most it is harder than it sounds. But there is a compromise: partial weight loss and increased walking.

There are a number of unapproved, but successful approaches utilizing, nutritional supplements, herbs, biofeedback, acupuncture, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately many do not choose to utilize these approaches because, so called, evidence based Physicians dissuade them. Evidence based medicine is a farce, but that is an argument for another article.

Two final points: Drugs for high blood pressure should only be used when everything else available has been tried first, and second, high blood pressure is extremely deadly and should not be trivialized. Just because a nutrient should be tested first, for example, does not mean that the disease is innocuous and therefore time is of no consequence.

Teenager or not, no matter what your age keep track of your blood pressure, check it twice yearly. Why should I say that to the public at large? It’s because nowadays one out of three people in the general population is coming down with hypertension, and they will never know it until they are well into stage two – there are no symptoms from this disease to warn you until the disease has firmly fastened itself onto you.