Side Effects of Hypertension Drugs

Medications designed to help hypertension are advertised almost everywhere I look. Given the abundance of drugs available, I decided to do some research into what a person might expect while undergoing this type of therapy. Some of the side effects I’ve become acquainted with through the advertisements themselves as well as some investigation include “heartburn, headaches, drowsiness and fever.”

By this time they had my total attention…” sudden loss of blood pressure, kidney damage, fever and possibly the worst possible side effect, impotence”. The list seemed endless with each possible effect growing worse than the others.

I heard something mentioned about those with diabetes, pregnant women and then they wrapped things up very neatly by advising that there were “practical ways to help you cope.”

I’m sorry, that was the last straw. I simply cannot think of a practical way to ‘cope’ with kidney damage. I began to hear the two words ‘pregnant women’ ringing in my ears and began to wonder just what additional issues are to be considered when speaking of a child still in the womb.

Now let me say that there is no question that many of the drugs that lower blood pressure have been proven to be quite effective. And it’s certain that many people have been helped by the results of lowered blood pressure. But maybe there is more to be considered than just the effectiveness.

Some of the most common high blood pressure medicines are diuretics. Hypertension medications such as diuretics flush the body of salts by creating a demand for frequent urination. Along with the flushing of excess salts comes the rapid loss of potassium in some.

For others, particularly diabetics, diuretic drugs may force an increase of the blood sugar level. At this point additional drugs are required to add potassium to the body or to counter act the effects on the blood sugar level.

Now the patient that walked in with high blood pressure walks out with high blood pressure AND a potassium deficiency AND elevated blood sugar and who knows what else.

There are almost too many different types of high blood pressure drugs to count. If each includes an array of possible side effects – the math becomes too confusing to even try to nail down.

I couldn’t help but think about the most simple way to avoid having to worry about this host of other problems. If we could just head off the hypertension to begin with seems to fit the bill.

It was at this point in my thought process that I began to realize that preventing high blood pressure would have to be the easiest solution by far. Loss of weight, reduction of stress, walking to the moon and back. whatever it takes, there is nothing in terms of a preventative measure that would be tougher to ‘cope’ with than kidney damage or impotence.