What Can Cure Hypertension – Drugs Are Not the Answer – These Three Therapies Are!

What can cure hypertension? If you are asking this question, odds are you are currently taking medication for high blood pressure and you’re sick of the side effects and limitations that the drugs are imposing on your life.

The good news is there is a cure. However, just like your medication, the cure calls for a life long commitment to making it work. The really good news is you are going to look and feel healthier and the anxiety of having your life shortened by hypertension will be a thing of the past.

First let’s look at what behaviors are associated with hypertension:

  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diet rich in salt, saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Stress
  • Ethnicity and genetic predisposition

Now let’s look at some of the common damage done to blood vessels resulting from HBP:

  • Stiffening or hardening of the blood vessels
  • Accumulation of plaque on blood vessel walls
  • Rupturing of blood vessels
  • Enlargement of the heart muscle

And of course the consequences of not treating or unsuccessfully treating Hypertension:

  • Heart attack
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Aneurisms
  • Stroke
  • Loss of sight

Hypertension drugs do nothing to affect the behaviors associated with HBP. In fact, given that many side effects include some sense of fatigue, you may actually lead a more sedentary life than before you started drugs. That leads to more weight and less stress management. 

Medications target the damage done by the condition and the overall objective is to manage HBP not cure it. Drugs accomplish this by introducing chemicals to manipulate the body. 

 Diuretics flush out excess salt by encouraging urination. ACE inhibitors stop the production of angiotensin II which is a hormone that constricts blood vessels causing higher pressure. Beta Blockers stop adrenalin effects allowing the heart to beat slower and thereby reduce pressure. Alpha Blockers relax the blood vessels making a larger pathway for blood to flow lowering pressure. And Calcium Channel Blockers, the most frequently prescribed drug,

These drugs all come with possible side effects ranging from the annoying to dangerous. All of them try to modify the body’s natural response to the condition and all of them require continuous usage.

The cure for hypertension attacks the behaviors associated with it. By changing behavior, the body will react naturally to address the damage done to it by high blood pressure.  

The cure is based on three life modifications that work together to make you healthy. They don’t work unless all three are applied. The three magic elements are exercise, diet and stress management.

If you think about treating hypertension the same way you treat a car then you can make these comparisons.

Diet is fuel. Put leaded gas in a car that is designed for unleaded and the engine will still start but over time it will cease up and quit.  A bad diet is like leaded gas. A good diet will not only keep the engine running but will reverse some of the damage done by the bad diet. 

If you leave a car sitting in a garage for an extended amount of time it probably won’t start because the battery will go dead. In addition seals will leak because they haven’t been lubricated due to non-use. A car needs to be exercised to stay in running order and so does your body. Exercise is the fastest way to reduce high blood pressure and it has the added benefit of weight loss and burning off stress hormones.

If you point your car up a 30 degree grade with no hope of ever coming to a level road your engine will eventually overheat and fail. Stress is life’s 30 degree grade. Dealing with stress through exercise, sleep, breathing techniques can do wonders reducing blood pressure.

In the examples above, if you only take care of two of the car’s needs, say correct fuel and exercise, the car will still quit working because you are continuously driving up that steep grade.

The cure for hypertension is the same. You need to insure you exercise, eat a proper diet and effectively manage stress or your “engine” will eventually fail.